The big parade of Moors and Christians

The big parade
of Moors and Christians

Spain has been coveted by many peoples throughout history and many have fought for its conquest. The festivities of Moors and Christians pay homage to the battle between these two civilizations via staged battles, ambassadorial meetings and big parades which for a few days cast the local population into either the Moorish or Christian side.

Get ready to live from the inside the most spectacular event of these unique festivities, an event wherewith both sides sport their best attires and parade to the beat of Moorish and Christian marching songs, ranged in squadrons of 10 men or in bigger formations led by chieftains. The parades are preceded by theatrical roll calls full of carts, animals, traditional instrumental music and drumming, ballet and all else needed to recreate the great battles for the conquest of Spain.

You will partake in this exclusive experience as if you had been born here, donning battle garments and parading shoulder to shoulder with the locals.

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