Master techniques with the portrait painter Antonio Montiel

Master techniques
with the portrait painter Antonio Montiel

Set free your passion for the arts and experience in unparalleled manner this wonderful world. Learn, with the aid of the most celebrated artists, the best techniques for the improvement of your work, follow the advice that made artists triumph in their own disciplines or visit the national galleries and musea accompanied by the best in the field.

Antonio Montiel, the portrait painter who has worked for the likes of the Queen of England and Fidel Castro, prepares his palette for you. A premature painter whose first success arrived when he was yet a child and who has taken to the canvass the souls and livelihoods of hundreds of actors, politicians, artists, sportsmen and celebrities both national and international. Learn the related anecdotes as told from his very mouth while in a friendly atmosphere, the ins and outs of the technique of a master known as “the portrait painter of celebrities”.

Share your passion with a professional, learn his technique and discover the anecdotes of such a paragon of the art world.

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