The solemn procession of the Spanish Holy Week

The solemn procession
of the Spanish Holy Week

Holy Week is one the most important Spanish traditions. These festivities of religious devotion relive The Passion of Christ via processions and different events organized by “cofradías” (that is, the brotherhoods that make everything happen in cities and towns). Such a spectacular event can be experienced in many ways across the country but is overall capable of moving to tears both Christians and non-Christians.

Holy Week processions are the most important displays of faith in all the festivities. In these events members of the cofradías take the floats with statues of large-scale saints and carry them on the shoulders while walking in the procession to music of bungles and drums different for each brotherhood. Get ready to submerge yourself in such solemn atmosphere wearing processional robes and walking next to the rest of the cofradía members.

Choose among the different roles available in the procession. You can even carry on the shoulder your cofradía’s float while sporting the processional robes in this event like none other.

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