Flower Offering procession in Spain’s festivities of fire

Flower Offering procession
in Spain’s festivities of fire

Fallas in Valencia and Hogueras in Alicante fill yearly both cities with impressive cardboard monuments of satire and social critic which are all engulfed by flames in the last day of the festivities. Firecrackers and fireworks displays, special street-lighting and, needless to say, the Flower Offering bring magic to the Spanish festivities of fire.

The highlight of the festivities is the Flower Offering, an event in which communities from every neighbourhood unite in the thousands for a procession to homage the city’s patroness saint. The flowers that have been carried throughout the procession are at the end offered to the statue of the patroness. After a hairdressing, make-up and dressing session you will partake in a magic event parading to the rhythm of paso doble, immersed in the festivities and accompanied by locals to round out the exclusive experience therein.

Dress traditional attires and parade next to your guildmates to the beat of marching bands. Live the authentic atmosphere of a regional festivity from the inside.

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