A night at the booth in Malaga’s August Fair

A night at the booth
in Malaga’s August Fair

As an homage to the retaking of the city by the Catholic Monarchs in 1487, year after year the August Fair displays the mores, the folklore and the way of living and cheering of Spain’s Southerners. In a wide fairground called “Cortijo de Torres” horses, flamenco, traditional attires and gastronomy are the chief actors of a festival that gathers millions of visitors.

During fair days most of the time is spent in booths (called “casetas” in Spanish) decorated with flowers and lanterns and filled above all with likability, a charming atmosphere and generosity. We invite you to come and join one of these booths to experience everything from within, to share table with the members thereof, to feel -in sum- part of the booth. Enjoy the live music spectacle, the excellent food and extra surprises that your booth mates have in store for you. An exclusive and hard to forget night of immersion in the Spanish culture.

Experience the Malaga Fair from the insidemost, fancy the people from a perspective hitherto impossible for tourists, discover the charm of the South.

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