Chef secrets with the awarded cook Dani García

Chef secrets
with the awarded cook Dani García

One of the most admired parts of Spain is its gastronomy, thanks to Michelin-star awarded restaurants, world renown cooks, new ideas to surprise the gastronomic panorama… Where does all of this stem from? Discover the secrets of the most innovative chefs and experience next to them the fascinating and delicious uniqueness of this world.

How about dipping yourself into the haute cuisine with the help of a 2-Michelin-star awarded chef? Dani García, one of the cooks with the widest international reach, is able to unite as few others traditional Andalusian gastronomy with worldwide techniques and flavours, and he opens his kitchen for you. Get ready to taste in exclusive the stove of the cook nicknamed “the artisan of flavour”, to discover haute-cuisine dishes as explained by the artist himself and to let him bamboozle your senses for an unforgettable experience.

Enter the world of the haute-cuisine guided by the best professionals. A flavourful and exclusive experience which will change forever your relation to food.

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