The pilgrims’ route in the Way of St. James

The pilgrims’ route
in the Way of St. James

The Way of St. James is the oldest and most concurred pilgrimage in Europe. This medieval tradition has several starting points and a single endpoint: the Cathedral at Santiago de Compostela in the northwesternmost part of Spain. Discover the main historical routes and the exclusive ways of treading the way to Santiago.

Almost 50 different routes to explore this intense experience, a pilgrimage to find oneself, to learn the hospitality which abounds along the way and experience the peace all throughout. Share the Way of St. James with seasoned pilgrims, visit the local inns and be awarded your own ‘Compostela’ (that is, the certificate issued to every pilgrim at the end of the journey). A custom Way, to be experienced in your favourite manner, with our trademark essence.

Walk the Way of St. James, the most important pilgrim route in Europe, from another perspective. Meet the locals and live with them this unique experience.

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